Types of Family Tents

Camping trips for the whole family can be wonderful for breaking stale routines and spending time together and away from all the devices we’ve become slaves to like the television, pc games and the internet. A successful family camping trip requires carefully considering the family’s needs and planning accordingly. When choosing the tent, consider the amount of space is required for dressing and sleeping and if there are any other tent activities for which additional space may be required. The selection of tent is a very important decision that can have a large affect on everyone’s camping experience. There are several styles and configurations to choose from.

Cabin Tents

The cabin tent is a great choice if your family requires a lot of indoor space. This style can comfortable accommodate around six people. The large one-room design features a ceiling height tall enough so that most tall adults can stand comfortably, without hunching. Typically square in shape, cabin tents use the standard outside pole frame which holds the tent up. The cabin tent is not a new style and its popularity is largely due to its ease of assembly and its roominess. They can vary in cost starting at $100

Single Dome Tent

Of all the styles, the single dome tent is probably the most convenient to assemble. The poles contain a bungee cord system There are usually two bungee poles which serve as the frame to support the cover. This style of tent can be found in various sizes ranging in accommodation of 2 – 6 people comfortably. Although lacking the luxurious space of the cabin style, single dome is known for its ease in assembly and break down. It is very compact when packed making it a favorite with hiking campers. Family campers may need to buy more than one dome tent to accommodate everyone. The single dome tent is fairly inexpensive with a price range between $40 and $100 for the larger models. They don’t have much head room, though. Check the packaging for the exact dimensions.

Multiple Room Dome Tent

The dome tent construction is available in a multiple room style. These tend to be more expensive than the single dome style but offer more room configuration and options. The construction of the multiple room version is the same as the other dome, employing the same system of bungee poles but takes longer to assemble and break down due the additional poles needed. Other than that, the multi-room dome tent is just as easy to assemble as the single dome.

There are a few configurations of the rooms available. One style has the main room with an additional large room screened in resembling an enclosed porch area. This is ideal for use during bad weather and as a place for activities without taking up space in the main room. Another configuration features small versions of the single dome tent connected to the main room at the sides which can either act as sleeping rooms or storage areas. The multiple room dome tent can cost $80 to $100. As with all dome tents, check the dimensions if planning to stand up inside.


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