The Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent Review

Camping with my family is one of my favorite things to do, but trying to squeeze all five of us into one tent isn’t always easy.  The Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent has made camping much more fun for all of us and one of the best family tent for camping.  This tent sleeps up to ten people, giving us all plenty of space (with a little extra room for friends too).  It’s split up into two areas by a sewn in room divider, plus there are two side rooms with divider curtains for a bit of extra storage.  Whether we’re going camping for a weekend or a month there’s enough room to store all the things we need to bring with us.

Of course, rain is always a potential problem while camping.  The full cover rain fly that comes with this tent keeps us dry no matter how hard the rain falls.  For added protection the floor is made of water-resistant, sonic welded polyethylene.   The “D” style door and mesh side and rear windows allow the breeze to come through on nicer days.  I have no trouble standing up in the tent – at the center it’s 84 inches high.  It goes up and comes down easily with plastic eave hubs and a pin and ring system.


  • Lots of Options: This tent can have up to four separate rooms, which gives us a ton of options.  The kids can sleep in one room and my wife and I in another, and we still have two small rooms for changing and storage.  If the kids bring friends along we can have one big room for them to sprawl out in.  Whatever we need it to do it can accomplish.
  • Great Ventilation: When you’re camping, having some ventilation in your tent is crucial (especially if beans were on the menu for dinner).  The Swiss Gear Montreaux has numerous mesh windows that let air in and out, but can also be closed up if the weather gets chilly.
  • Easy to Set Up: There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get a tent set up in the rain.  The last time we went camping it was absolutely pouring, but we managed to get this tent up quickly and easily.  The pin and ring system worked smoothly and was simple enough that the kids were able to help us out.  The instructions were even sewn in the bag, which means no matter how many trips we take they won’t get lost.
  • Keeps Dry: Soggy tents make for unhappy campers – I’ve definitely learned this the hard way.  With this tent this isn’t a problem.  The rain fly works beautifully to keep the rain out of our sleeping bags.  It hovers above the top of the tent, allowing the air to circulate.  All in all it’s a snug tent that will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather.


  • Partition Doesn’t Attach at the Bottom: The sewn in partition doesn’t secure at the bottom at all, which makes for slightly less privacy. I’d imagine that if you had pets it might be a little difficult to keep them in one side or the other.  We’re all used to sleeping in a one room tent, though, so having the partition at all makes for a good amount of privacy.
  • Only One Door: This tent only comes with one door, which means the zipper gets used quite a bit and may put some strain on it.  We’ve never had a problem with it, and we spend so much time outdoors (isn’t that what camping’s all about?) that one door is really all that’s needed.

This tent has made camping easy and fun for my whole family.  It has all the room we need but yet offers privacy as well. It’s been a great way to get my kids out of the house and into the outdoors and has held up well to what we’ve put it through.  It’s easy to set up, is well ventilated, and keeps us dry.  This is a great tent for anyone who wants a little more space while they’re enjoying a camping trip.