Preparing for Camping In The Backcountry

Many people are into backcountry camping. They want to be off of the beaten trail and on their own in the wilderness. They know well the preparations that are involved. For those who have never been camping in the backcountry before, this article will help to prepare them for a great adventure.

It is important to remember that this sort of camping is off the beaten trail and off the pavement. It will require the camper to hike into the backcountry. It is the roughest of roughing it.

For this reason it is important to first consider the back back that will be used. It must be lightweight enough to hike long distances but sturdy enough to carry enough supplies for the trip. It must rest well on the back and the shoulders and should also have a strap around the waist to help keep it at a comfortable position.

Good hiking boots are also an important part of the trip. There will be a lot of walking involved so it is vital to ensure a good fit and if need be to break the shoes in before the trip so that there will not be any unexpected blisters.

Boots are preferred over tennis shoes as in some areas there are snakes and other creatures that one will not want to have around their ankles. Be safe and choose the boots.

Everything that will be eaten will either be packed in or hunted or scavenged from the surroundings. A good knife is a must and at times a firearm will be required. For foods that are packed in consider lightweight and dehydrated foods that are easy to tote along and with a bit of water very easy to prepare for backcountry camping.

Campers also will want to have a form of water purification. It is fine to drink from streams along the way but make sure to purify the water. All a backcountry person needs is a good case of diarrhea to make a miserable trip. Think ahead and use some form of water purification drops or tablets.

A map and compass can help the camper to locate their campsite and help them to navigate through the back country safely. The more pre planning the camper does the better and the safer the trip.

Take a camera, back country has pristine lakes, incredible views and breathtaking sights that no one will want to miss out on being able to share.

Lastly, let someone know the area that the camper is going to and a return day. If the camper has not returned by said date the person who knows where they were going can gather a search party. Accidents can happen and simply knowing that help will arrive can be a great stress reducer.

Backcountry get away is a great adventure and many enjoy it on weekends, holidays and vacations. Plan ahead, be safe and make sure that there is plenty of food and supplies for an extra day in the woods.


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