Looking for the best large family tents for your next camping trip?

Spending time with family is essential especially when the children are young. Much too soon you will find that you are packing them up to head out to college and wonder where the time has flown. One very inexpensive and fun way to spend more quality time with them is to go on family camping trips. It is much less expensive than staying in hotels and campgrounds have most of the same conveniences except you may have to walk a little ways to use the bathroom and showers. The most important piece of equipment you will need for this is choosing from a wide variety of large family tents.

Checking on Amazon.com there are three very highly rated large family tents. In this comparison we are comparing large family tents that will hold eight people or fewer people and extra room to keep clothes and camp gear dry if the weather turns bad.

Coleman Instant 14- by 10- Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent

The first of the large family tents is a Coleman Instant fourteen by ten foot tent consisting of two rooms that will sleep eight people, this is surely one of the best camping tents. That gives you one hundred and forty square feet. For large family tents this one is considered to be quick and easy to assemble. With poles already attached to the tent it should only take about one minute or less to have it up and ready to enjoy and an equal amount of time for collapsing it for moving on to your next stop.

Even if the weather turns nasty, this tent has thick waterproof walls made from WeatherTec, an anti-wicking fabric of coated polyester and a floor that is welded to the rest of the tent. There are two doors, so allows a little privacy to the adults to come and go not bothering the children. With seven huge windows there will be no lack of great ventilation and a wonderful way to watch the stars as you are falling asleep. The divider in the middle is removable if you wish.

The height at the center of the tent is nearly six and a half feet so most adults will be able to stand up-right. There is a one year warranty and Coleman is a long-standing company and definitely takes pride in their products. This first of the large family tents is on sale at Amazon.com now for $199.99.

Eureka! Copper Canyon 1312 Family Tent

The next of the large family tents is the Eeureka sunrise 11 family six person tent. This allows a total of one hundred and fifty-six square feet. The height of this tent at the center is an amazing seven feet three inches. Because of the height sleeping bags can be used on cots instead of lying directly on the floor allowing added comfort. This is another of the large family tents that can be divided into two rooms by a removable partition.

There are six big windows and two doors allowing great ventilation. This large family tent has skylights on top and an awning at the entrance that is detachable. The kit for this large family tent includes nine fiberglass and steel poles that go through sleeves in the fabric and is constructed of 1200mm, 75D polyester fabrics. There are pockets to store supplies. This is one of a few large family tents that are considered for three seasons because of its weather resistant fabric and construction. Never knowing when the weather is going to turn on you makes this of major importance. This large family tent sells on Amazon.com for $304.08. Eureka is another long-standing company that stands behind all their products.

Eureka Tetragon 1210 Family Tent

The last of the large family tents reviewed is the Eureka Tetragon 1210 Family ten by twelve foot eight-person tent giving it a hundred and twenty square feet of space. This is another of the large family tents having a removable divider for adult privacy or if there are only four people in the family one of the rooms could be an indoor play area or changing area. The center height is approximately six feet three inches, allowing standing room.

There is a bathtub floor allowing the bottom side to come up keeping water out. The six windows have awnings allowing ventilation if nasty weather is outside. There is a hanging loft above to store gear off the floor and out of people’s way, a clothes line loop and additional storage pockets along the sides.

There is a hooded covering over both doors. This is the lightest of the large family tents being reviewed weighing in at only seventeen pounds and eleven ounces. The lightweight is probably due to the fact that there are only two poles. It is easy to assemble and has a shock corded durable fiberglass frame. This last large family tent is on sale on Amazon.com for only $198.67.

Any of these three large family tents would be a wonderful choice. At any of the prices it would equate to only about two or three nights in a moderately priced motel. All three have been given great reviews by over forty different people. With these large families tents you could get many years of use and fun out of them and save an enormous amount of lodging costs, money that can be spent on fun things for the family to do instead.


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