How to Set up a Family Dome Tent

Tents allow us to camp in the natural beauty of the outdoors while not giving up all the luxuries of home. The dome tent is a popular style due to its convenience. Dome tents can be assembled quite easily in approximately one half hour.

Pick a spot for the tent’s construction. It should be flat and level although some people choose to camp on an incline that isn’t too steep. Remove any debris like sticks and rocks which could cause the floor inside the tent to be lumpy.

The waterproof covering that is laid under the tent to maintain dryness is the ground cloth. Spread the ground cloth onto the ground where the tent will be placed.

Unpack the tent and unfold it on the ground cloth. Set aside poles and rain fly. The tent should be arranged with the door facing the desired direction. If camping on an incline, arrange the tent to face the direction that will result in the head being uphill while sleeping.

Tent Assembly

Remove the poles from packaging and assemble according to instructions which are included. Many newer models of camping tents already have the poles held together by strings to enable ease in assembly.

Gently slide one set of assembled poles through a sleeve. Make sure the pole parts remain assembled while inserting. Don’t attach poles to corner pockets at this time. Repeat the process of inserting the assembled poles into the second sleeve until an “X” is formed by them intersecting at the tent’s center.

Insert the first pole’s end into a pocket
in the corner. Insert the other pole end into the opposing pocket. You will notice the bowing of the poles as they are placed into each pocket. This forms the dome in the tent.
If rain is expected, continue with the assembly of the rain fly. Insert the designated pole into the sleeve of the rain fly sticking the ends inside the corresponding pockets. Center the pole above the tent’s entrance while attaching the rain fly.


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