How to Choose the Best Knives for Camping

When you are preparing to head out camping, you’ll want to be equipped with the best knife possible.The market is filled with thousands of available choices, so it can be confusing to figure out how to choose a new knife.I’ve included some simple steps to help you choose the best knives for camping.

Features to Look for When Buying a Knife for Camping

Having a camp knife is far different than purchasing a multi-tool knife.Generally, a multi-tool knife is going to have many purposes and tools included.A camp knife will be used in a variety of situations, but will only have one main function. It is possible that you could use a multi-tool knife in a camping situation, but you will find that there are more functions available when you purchase a dedicated knife.


The most important thing you need in a camping knife is high quality. It should feature a durable and smooth blade that will stand up to the various abuses it might encounter.In addition, it is important what material the blade is made from.Carbon steel blades tend to last long but have the possibility of rusting if you don’t care for them.Stainless steel blades, on the other hand, will not rust, but come in varying qualities.For the perfect quality, aim for a blade of 440 or higher. When camping, be sure you also choose a sharp and strong point instead of a rounded one.

Fixed Blade vs. Foldable Blade

Many people wonder, “Should I have a knife that is foldable or fixed blade?”That is a great question!

A fixed blade will be more durable, but it can be dangerous, especially on a family camping trip.A foldable knife will be ideal for both your everyday needs and camping excursions.


When you are looking at size, bigger isn’t always better.In fact, if it is too large, it can be difficult to use on smaller tasks.The perfect knife size for camping would be somewhere between 9 and 11 inches when fully extended.


One area you shouldn’t worry about saving money is when picking the handle.Your hands will easily form blisters if you choose unwisely.Your best bet is a handle made from hardwood, bone or plastic.If you purchase a knife with a sturdy handle, you’ll be able to easily use it for hammering in the wilderness as well.

Uses for Knives While on a Camping Trip

The possibilities of knife use during a camping trip are nearly endless.Here are some of the most popular ways people choose to use theirs.

Clearing a Campsite

When you arrive at your location, you can use the knife to clear away vegetation.Then, you’ll have a perfect spot for your tent and equipment.

Chopping Firewood

You will need to build a fire not just to stay warm but also to cook some yummy camp food.Knives are capable of chopping wood into kindling.You could even create some wood shavings to help get the fire started.A fire helps to keep wild animals away or create a smoke signal if you are in an emergency situation.

Cooking Purposes

A quality camping knife is going to become part of your cooking utensil collection.Use it to cut food or bread.It is also perfect when you need to open a can.


If you plan to do any hunting while camping, a knife becomes an invaluable tool.If the animal you’ve hunted is still alive when you approach, you’ll be able to finish the job easily.In addition, you are going to have to gut and clean the animal or fish.

Building Shelter

Some people prefer to build their own camping shelter. In fact, it is an important skill to learn for survival purposes. By using branches, bark and grass, you can create a handy shelter while camping.A knife is the best way to cut branches and slice through tough vegetation.

Self Defense

When camping in remote areas, it only makes sense to be sure you are protected.You could encounter any number of aggressive animals or people.Be safe with a quality knife and learn how to use it for self-defense.

Top Knife Brands

Once you start searching for your knife, you’ll likely come across some well-known brands.They will include:

  • TAC Force
  • Grand Way
  • Morakniv
  • StatGear
  • Sheffield
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Gerber
  • Schrade
  • MTech
  • Benchmade
  • Spyderco
  • Cold Steel
  • Kershaw

This list is not a complete representation of every good company that makes camping knives, just some of the popular brands.There are lots of high-quality companies you can choose from and feel confident with your purchase.

Best Knife for Camping

While there are many great knives available for camping, there is one model that I think outperforms the rest.I can attest that the high-quality TAC Force TF-705 Tactical Folding Knife is one of the sharpest pocket knives currently available.Here are some of the amazing features:


This folding knife is spring assisted to offer a rapid, one-handed deployment.It securely locks in place and features a half-serrated stainless steel blade.


This knife measures 4 ½-inches when closed and the blade itself measures 3 ¼-inches with a 3mm thickness.When open this knife will measure just under 9-inches.


The aluminum handle features a glass breaker and a bottle opener on the end.This is great for needs other than camping like if you ever had to punch the window out of a car in an emergency.In addition, the knife comes with a pocket clip making it safe and easy to carry.


Before you head out on your next camping trip, be sure you invest in a high-quality knife. You’ll find that it will alleviate some of the time it takes to complete all your outdoor tasks as well as offer you some added protection. Investing a few more minutes and researching the best knife for your needs will pay off when you are alone in the wilderness.

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