How to choose best tent with infographic

choosing best family tent

There are huge choices of tents available when it comes to family tents. The problem that comes is in making a choice for buying family tent. For that, you need to consider few circumstances such as:

  • Types of trips you want to undertake
  • Number of kids( toddles/ teens)
  • Number of adult members

With the help of this guide, you can choose ideal family tent for you and your family.

Consider the following factors

Family tent start with the type of tent you need

The first thing you have to do is know about the type of the tent as per you desire and requirements. Over the years, the material used for making tent is improved and so is the size of the family. The tents these days are quite light in weight but have all the features what a tent must possess.

For long trips what you should do in case of family tents

When you plan to go for a longer trip, you need to be quite careful to provide accommodation to people traveling with you. If you give them comfort and convenience during the trip, you and your family will enjoy the experience of staying outside home. If you are four to five people travelling, then prefer going for two tents instead of one. If you all fit well in one tent, you can use other one to put all your stuff that you would have adjusted in your tent.

Family camping gives invitation to a bigger tent, as you cannot fit well with your entire family in small tent. Two people can fit but not more than that. There are downsides of large tents such as they re heavy to carry therefore you need to have a vehicle to load and take the tent with you. Larger the size more will be the requirement of extensions and more of time will be required to pitch the tent.

Smaller tents are good option too, but only if you want to spend two to three nights in forest or campsite. For longer trips, two tents are always better option for comfortable trip. There are many good brands available to you to look forward for when you want to get the best family tent to fit in your entire family while camping. While purchasing, only one thing you need to keep in mind that you are buying a home away from your home, all the necessary facilities you need in your tent needs to be recalled to have a better view.

Reviewing about the Layout of the bedrooms in the best family tent

Usually, people count the number of members to find the tent. You should start with how many rooms you would like to have for comfortable stay inside the tent. Storage space in case of larger tents is more and storage space is one of the amazing features you can get in the family tent. You will not be adjusting your entire luggage in the tent, as it will reduce the space for the family members to sit and sleep comfortably, so storage space is important. Coleman tents are good example of ample spacing.

Layout of bedroom of the tent for children

Layout of bedroom for child depends on the age of your children. If your children were 10-13 years old, he/she would definitely like to sleep closer to parent’s tent. For this purpose, you can get a tent having two chambers that are separated with the help of a zipped partition. To have a separate compartment for your kids will help you to put them down to sleep without causing any kind of disturbance in their sleep. With the zip-up partition, you can keep an eye on your kids in case they wake up at night. For this purpose, you will not have to leave your tent to look for your kids. Coleman offers you different range of this kind of family tent.

Layout of tent for old members

Prefer a separate tent when you are traveling with kids and elders. If you are traveling with elder people but not kids, you can go for one tent having two chambers but with kids, it becomes very difficult to share same compartments, so go for another tent when you have elders coming with you for campsite. Coleman and Outwell provide very nice range of tents with extra room facilities that you can look forward to buy.

Layout of tents for college going students

College going students need more of independence and they will not adjust their freedom in any case. Not only separate compartments but also they will look for tenement away from their parents. Outwell offers good range of tents for children who want to have some space away from parents. You can go for buying smaller tents for your children that can accommodate one or two persons together. If you are hiring the best family tent, make sure to choose the tent where you will not have to pay any additional amount for extra tents.

Living and storage space

Just buying the tent for sleeping purpose is not all you need; this is just one aspect you look for in the tent. Other aspects will be the stuff the family acquires or brings along with them on the campsite. Beyond this, you need lot of space to sit, play games, and enjoy food with family. Tents by Wolf Lake provide good living space and they provide larger porch area where you can set chairs and tables. The tents having a wardrobe are one of the best tents to fit in your stuff inside the tent.

Is it necessary to have windows in the family tent?

It will totally depend on the individual’s preference if they need tents having windows or not. To make the tent more inviting it is important that lot of light can enter the tent. Prefer the tents that give you proper layout. The tents that are lit up look better as compared to the tents having no windows. You can buy tents having larger windows in the front side of the tent. With windows, it is easy for air to flow.

Having large windows is good but they will not offer you privacy so look for smaller windows. On the other hand, you can look for the windows that feature a cover when you need to spend some quality time. Many tents have tinted windows that provide privacy. Rather than windows, if you can have transparent roofs it will be much better option.

Entrance of family tent

In and out process in a tent need to be looked upon carefully. So go for the larger openings when the weather is fine or during summer days you can have tents with larger doors but in bad weather conditions, you need to look for tents having gullies to avoid rain entering inside the tent.

Other things to look for in family tent

There are external features a tent should have to improve the quality stay inside the tent. The following things are not essential but having them can make lot of difference:

  • Storage pockets
  • External hooks for lanterns or torch
  • Facility of entrance for electric cords
  • Guy line tides
  • Mud valance
  • Ground sheet that lays flat on the entrance

Many people undergo shock when they look for the cost of the tent, and not only tent the extra things with tent is equally important. In the case we can do, is look for the tent having all the required things so that we do not need extensions?

To get the best family tents you can search for the online Web sites as many of the brands that offer good quality tents may not have a store in your country. Never search tents in the local stores as they are going to charge you more and you will not get enough features after paying so much of amount. You can look for the tents online first to have a clear look.

Amazon.com has been one of the most favorable options for purchase of tent, and this is because every year almost 60 % to 70% of sales are done by them. They offer you the well-known brands, such as Vango that is known to be the most durable brand, and then comes the Coleman brand, though they have lot of stores, but when they sell the products online they offer more services and prices are also quite reasonable and easily affordable. The online sites make it easy for the individuals to think about owning a tent on their own rather than paying for a second hand family tent.

You have thousands of options from which you can choose, all you need to do is make sure that you gather all the necessary information of the seller before you make a purchase for the best family tent for camping purpose.



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