Family Camping Tips – How to Camp With Toddlers

Many people who enjoy camping are intimidated by the potential hassles of taking toddlers on a trip with them. This shouldn’t be the case. With good planning and some common sense, camping with young ones can be a fun and memorable experience for the entire family.

Safely Camping

Even when camping in a warm climate, children should always be completely dressed in shirts with long sleeves, long pants, shoes and socks. Proper clothing will protect them from insect bites and sunburn. Keep a spray bottle of water handy to provide a cooling sprits should they get over-heated. They’ll love that.

Clothing alone won’t provide all the protection needed against insect bites and sunburn. Apply quality insect repellant and sunscreen often. Remember that children can burn easily even when out of direct sunlight. The sun’s rays are reflected by water so a child can burn while sitting in shade near the water if not protected properly.

Don’t spray insect repellant or sunscreen directly into the child’s face. Spray into your hand and apply gently, avoiding the eyes. If a child has thin hair, apply some sunscreen or sun block to the head, as well. Be sure to apply sun and insect protection to all exposed parts of the body. A first aid kit is a must in the packing for any trip but especially for camping. You want to be prepared to handle cuts, scrapes and any other eventualities.

Keeping Toddlers Entertained and Contained

Play pens are good to bring along for safe and clean independent play time. Play pens can help avoid insect contact as well as the many new and exciting things to place in the mouth. It’s best to pack a supply of familiar items and favorite toys to help make the toddler more comfortable and relieve the stress of naptime and bedtime.

When boating, toddlers are required to wear well-fitted life jackets. Both small children and toddlers need to be secured in a car seat while boating. The temptation to explore and find mischief is unavoidable in the new surroundings so children must be always supervised by responsible adults.

Toddler Mealtime While Camping

Camping food is great fun for a toddler. Make sure they get plenty of water and nutritious foods to accompany all the marshmallows and hot dogs. Pack a good supply of quick and easy favorites for the toddler. Keep them hydrated and well fed to ensure they can weather the excitement of camping.

There are some challenges to taking a toddler camping but lots of people do it successfully. It just requires some good preparation and an eye to camping safely to make some great memories. As long as they get plenty of sleep, periodic quiet time and plenty of attention, your toddler can make a great camping buddy now and in the years to come.


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