Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent Review

Finding a good quality tent that can sleep a family of five can be difficult, but the Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent definitely fit the bill.  This tent is spacious without being too sprawling and is the perfect size for my family.  It sleeps up to six person, which means if the kids want to bring a friend along it’s not a problem.  My wife loves the corner organizer, wall organizer with mirror, and two water bottle pockets that are built into the side.  I love that the center height is 84 inches – much less ducking that way!

It’s easy to see that this tent is built to last and keep you comfortable.  The 4-ounce 210D oxford polyester bathtub floor is rugged and will stand up to whatever walks across it.   The Multicoated StormShield polyester fly keeps its shape perfectly no matter how hard the rain falls.  Set-up is easy with a shockcorded fiberglass frame and a pin and ring and combination clip system.  When the wind gets howling there are external guy points to keep the tent (and its contents) securely on the ground.  It’ll stand up to just about anything nature can throw at it and keep the people inside comfortable.


  • Lots of Storage Options: Tents can get crowded pretty easily with all the equipment camping needs, but this tent is ready for that.  It has storage options all over the place, which keeps your belongings organized and off the ground.  The wall organizer even comes with a mirror, so you can check what you look like before you head out.  My wife loves that part, but I just like that I can keep my watch and sunglasses out from underfoot when we go to bed.
  • Rain Fly Keeps Dry: The first time we brought this tent out there was a huge storm halfway through the week.  The fly worked perfectly – we woke up warm and dry.  It’s stayed in good condition no matter how many times we take it out.
  • Zippered, Screened Windows on Both Sides: One of the best parts of camping is the views.  Having a tent with large windows allows us to wake up each morning and see what we came to see – the outdoors!  However, on days when the weather is less than perfect the windows zip up snuggly, keeping us warm and dry.
  • Easy Set-Up: This tent could likely be set up by one person, but with two people it’s an absolute breeze.  The pin and ring system work very well.  It even comes down easily and fits back into its bag without a struggle. This has taken a lot of stress out of the busiest parts of camping, which helps ease us in (and out) of our trips.


  • Sensitive to the Wind: The shape of the tent makes it a bit of a wind magnet.  If it’s not tied down securely there’s not much stopping the wind from picking it up and carrying it away!  However, the designers realized this and added a few external guy points.  Once these are tied down the tent is secure no matter how hard the wind blows.
  • Poles are a Little Heavy: The poles that make up the frame of the tent are a little heavier than others I’ve seen.  This can make for a little extra weight on top of all the other stuff you have to lug while camping. However, this does give the tent a little more holding it back when the wind picks up.  Chances are also good that if you’re using a six person tent you have some family to help you out, so it’s not that big a deal.

My family and I love Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent. It has made camping much easier and more comfortable for all of us.  The multiple storage options keep our belonging safe and out of the way, and the rain fly keeps us dry no matter how wet it is outside. It’s the perfect amount of space for us all and has let us spend more time camping.  If you’re looking for a solid tent that will fit a family of four to six, this one is definitely the way to go.

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