Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent

The Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent-12 Person is perfect for a large group of campers as it can accommodate up to 12 person. Measuring 15 x 12 feet, the Cooper Canyon is a great family tent that will hold just about everything you could want to put in it.

When you remove the tent cover you are able to look up at the stars at night or leave it in place to offer protection from the rain. Two group or families can easily and comfortably sleep in this tent without complaints of a lack of space or privacy; as the tent can be divided into two separate rooms to allow for more privacy, or can be used as one single room with the detachable center wall. There is also a separate entrance for each half of the tent to allow privacy, and the awning is detachable too.

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The Eureka Cop¬per Canyon comes with a unique storage loft. Also two power ports near the doors allow you to run a power cord to the tent. You can close the ports with a zipped flap to keep out the rain.

Negative Reviews

The window cover suspends at the top with a fastener which works fine except it lets a lot of air in (the sides & bottom have a zipper). It is open enough with the mesh top even though it is covered with the fly however it lets more cold air coming in through the top of six windows.
The stakes that come with the tent are pretty junky. It is suggested to buy some better tent stakes(which are quite cheap) . If you use the awning, the tent makes use of fifteen stakes total. If you aren’t going to use the awning, then it uses 12 stakes.
The tent floor is made of the same nylon as the sidewalls – so use a tarp underneath the tent and consider buying a second for inside or tent saver to protect the seemingly thin floor material.

Positive Reviews

Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent is a tent that the whole group of campers is sure to enjoy. It is large enough to hold 12 people, and is comfortable at the same time.
Although the rain-fly cannot envelop much of the long sides of the tent, water just drops and slides off the fly, and down to the sides of the tent. Ventilation was excellent; the fly over the two windows extends out from the tent far enough to protect these windows from even driving rain.
The quality of the materials is excellent. Zippers work thoroughly, fabrics are sturdy and the size is astonishing.
The storage loft with the two power ports close to the doors that let you to run a power cord to the tent are great added features.

No matter what weather you are camping in you are sure to get the comfort and style that you are looking for with the Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent. The quality construction along with the very reasonable price tag makes this tent a real winner.

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