Eureka! Copper Canyon Eight Person Tent Review

As a forest ranger I spend a lot of time in the woods.  You’d think I’d get sick of it, but one of my favorite things to do on weekends is bring my family camping.  My wife and I have three kids, but the Eureka Copper Canyon 8 -Person Tent has more than enough room for all of us, our gear, and maybe even a friend or two.  This family tent has all the basics but does them well.  Instead of unique architecture it sticks to vertical walls to maximize space.  The center height is 7’ 3”, which makes things even more spacious.  There’s a removable curtain that can be used to create two rooms and two doors for private entry into each section.

You never know what the weather will bring in our part of the world, so good ventilation and rain protection is a must.  The Eureka! Copper Canyon delivers both.  Six large windows open and close easily to provide varying amounts of airflow.  Bathtub Style Floors keep the rain from seeping through the seams, while a fly with clear-panel skylights keeps the wet off the top of the tent.  Set-up is reasonably easy with nine steel and fiberglass poles that slip into sleeves. There are some convenient little add-ons that include a sweep-out point to make cleaning easier and a hanging gear loft to keep breakables out from under careless feet.


  • Tons of Space: The more’s the merrier when it comes to camping, so having a bit of extra space is a valuable asset.  The Copper Canyon has space in spades, both on the ground and in the air.  We can fit five of us plus a friend easily and still have room to stow our gear and move around.  None of us have any problem standing up inside the tent, and there’s even room to move a chair or two in on a rainy or buggy day.
  • Removable Curtain: The kids love being able to have a room to themselves every night.  Having a door that opens onto each section makes the experience even more fun for them.  I like being able to access each side of the tent without having to walk through sleeping bags and duffels.  If it’s just the five of us it’s easy to roll the partition up and use the tent as one big room.
  • Excellent Rain Protection: There’s nothing worse than a leaky tent in a rain storm.  We’ve had several rainy days while camping in this tent but have never had a problem with leaks.  The fly gives us all the coverage we need while the bathtub floor keeps ground-level damp on the outside.  As an added bonus the fly has clear skylights in it, allowing us to do some stargazing on clear nights.
  • Easy Set-Up: My wife and I were able to put up the tent ourselves without any problems.  The poles fitted into the sleeves without any hassle.  We had a little help from the kids to get the stakes into the ground.  All in all it sets up quickly and with little fuss, leaving us free to pursue other more fun activities.


  • Lightweight Pegs: The pegs that come with the tent may not be suitable for all types of ground.  If the ground you’re camping on is particularly rocky you might find they don’t do the job.  Most of the time it’s just fine, though, and it’s very easy to use additional pegs from other tents for some added security.
  • Heavy: If you’re planning to hoof it to your campsite with this tent, think again.  It weighs in at about 35 pounds – definitely not backpack friendly.  Most families will end up driving to their sites instead of hiking, which means the weight’s not a big issue.  We’ve never had a problem with it.

The Eureka Copper Canyon 8 -Person Tent has given us several very positive camping experiences.  This quality tent is spacious enough for my family and a couple additional campers.  I love the clear skylights in the rain fly and the hanging gear loft.  It’s easy to ventilate and has stayed dry in every rainstorm we’ve used it in.  Setup and take down is hassle free.  This tent has allowed me to give my family some very positive camping experiences.  If you’re looking to spend sometimes in nature with your family, this tent is a great way to do it.

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