Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent

Columbia focuses in developing novel products that are functional yet stylish and of great value. True to its name, the family cabin dome tent has plenty of room to spare making it perfect for family camping. Like its forerunner, the Columbia Cougar Flats II boasts two rooms to offer a lot of space and seclusion. However, it can accommodate six to 10 people, is furnished with a Cyclone venting system and the popular GoBe Dry rain protection system.

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Both systems significantly increase circulation that aids cooling and warming inside the tent. The GoBe Dry system makes sure that the pouring rain is kept outside and prevented from seeping through. Unlike other emerging tents out there, the patented bay design window of this tent is unique; it can even be left open during harsh weather conditions like a storm – which is great for reducing humidity in the tent.

The strongest point this tent has is its roomy interior. The kids can play and sleep in a separate room or you can split it with another family without compromising space to yourself. The organizational features included in this tent are an added bonus that makes this tent a hit, for example the internal pockets, storage lockers for your clothes, hanging cup holders preventing spillage, and a gear loft that holds other stuff out of the way. Finally, once its time to pack everything back home, this tents another great attribute is its expandable zippered gusset for easy stuffing as the tent collapses in an instant into EZ Pak storage bag with built-in wheels.

Negative Reviews

One obvious disadvantage about this Columbia Cougar Flats II Camping Tent is the pole material, which is of fiberglass and steel. Aluminum for a tent is far more dependable and can withstand stormy climate better, based on camper’s experience.

Another complaint is the weight that is 54 pounds. However, a wheeled carrying bag that comes with purchase decreases this.

Lastly, this camping tent is without an outdoor porch part compared to other camping tents for the family.

Positive Reviews

With this 6 foot tall camping tent, most people can stand upright comfortably and roam around the spacious tent.

Also, Columbia Tents GoBe Dry rain shelter technology makes the whole tent waterproof while ensuring more than enough airflow. The two-door feature allows simple access without compromising privacy.

It also boasts innovative organizational and storage features like a gear loft, cup holders, and storage pockets.

Finally, it is a steal for the price it’s listed for.


Indeed Columbia has proven once again that not only they are known to specialize in developing innovative products that are functional yet stylish, they offer great value too. Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent is truly a must-have to all family campers who wants space and function. We highly recommend this tent – nice one Coleman!