Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Review

When you’re camping flexibility is a huge asset.  The Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent gives us all the flexibility we need.  I work as a forest ranger and love taking my wife and three kids on camping trips, but fitting all of us and our gear in one tent can be a little difficult.  This issue is non-existent with this tent.  It comes with room dividers that let us break the tent up into three separate rooms. It can sleep up to eight people, which means the kids can bring along friends if they’d like.  The Variflo adjustable venting system allows us to change the venting as we need to, and the built in storage pockets keep small items off the floor and out of harm’s way.

The weather can be a little unpredictable where we live, so rain-resistance is a must.  The Coleman Red Canyon has performed admirably in that aspect.  The leak free seams and weather resistance fabric has kept water out and warm air inside.  The Cool-Air port allows us to bring in a little extra air if things get too stuffy, but it doesn’t let any sort of damp in.  The Wind Strong frame keeps the tent grounded and secure against the heaviest of gusts.  Set-up was simple with shock-corded, color-coded poles.


  • Room Divider Flexibility: The Coleman Red Canyon gives us plenty of options for customization.  You can make up to three rooms using the built in dividers.  If the kids bring a friend or two along with them it’s easy for my wife and me to create a small room for ourselves while leaving the bulk of the tent to anyone under fifteen years old.  If it’s just us we can create two small rooms for our stuff or just sprawl out over the entire tent.  It adjusts in any way we need to, which is undeniably useful.
  • Easy Set-Up: With past tents it seems that the set-up instructions got lost as soon as the tent came out of the bag.  The people at Coleman are smarter than us, apparently, because for this tent they sewed the instructions right into the bag.  The color coded poles make set-up a cinch.  Take down is just as easy, giving us more time to spend relaxing.
  • Great Ventilation System: The Variflo ventilation system works like a charm.  Muggy days can make a tent a horrible place to be, especially if it’s raining outside and you have nowhere else to go.  The windows make a huge amount of difference, and the Cool-air port is an innovative way to get a little more air flow through the structure.   During one trip we had two days of horrible weather, but the air inside the tent stayed comfortable.
  • The Wet Stays Out: Rain did not stand a chance against this tent.  We have had several occasions where it rained overnight but everyone inside stayed dry and happy.  The rain fly gives ample coverage and keeps the worst of the wet off the tent while the solid seams and coated polyester fabric did the rest of the work.  Wet kids make for a miserable camping experience, but we haven’t had a single soggy camper since we started using this tent.


  • Could Use More Pockets: The two storage pockets built into the tent were nice, but with five people competing for space they didn’t quite cut it.  We ended up prioritizing what we put in them (breakable things first, then other debris if there’s room) and that seemed to work out just fine.
  • Partitions Didn’t Quite Reach the Ground: If you’re looking for three completely separate rooms you might be a little disappointed.  The partitions don’t reach all the way to the ground, but they certainly reach far enough to create three separate spaces.  It’s more than enough to give the kids the feeling that they have their own space and makes for an adequate way to keep our gear and our sleeping areas separate.

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent has made for a fantastic way to get my kids and their friends out of the house and into the great outdoors.  It has plenty of room to fit all of us and our gear.  The room dividers give us plenty of flexibility and the ventilation system keeps us comfortable whatever the weather.  I was really impressed with how well the water stayed out and with the Cool-Air port.  I’d definitely recommend this tent to someone looking for a little flexibility in their camping experience.

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