Coleman Instant Eight Person Two Room Tent Review

Sometimes you’ve just got to have some room.  This is definitely true of my family and me.  I work as a forest ranger and there’s nothing I love more than spending time in the woods with my family.  The Coleman Instant 14 by 8 Foot 8-Person Two Room Tent has made these trips fun and easy for a number of reasons.  First off, it sleeps eight people, meaning it will fit my wife and three kids, all their gear, and whatever friends they want to bring along.  The center height is six feet, five inches, eliminating the need for me to hunch over every time I step in.  Setup is remarkably easy because the poles come pre-attached to the tent.  Getting it set up in one minute is no exaggeration.

Of course, a big tent won’t do you much good if it becomes sopping wet during inclement weather.  Coleman’s WeatherTec system has stood up to every storm that has come our way.  The frame’s redesigned poles and guy-out triangles keep the tent steady against wind gusts.  The entire tent feels tough, right down to the inverted floor seams.  With two doors and seven windows ventilation is not an issue, even on the hottest of days.


  • Ridiculously Easy Set-up: I’ll admit that when I saw the advertised one minute setup I was a little skeptical.  A minute after I had it out of the tent, though, my doubts were all erased.  The built-in poles make setting it up a breeze.  It’s easy enough that we can leave the kids to do it while we set about setting up other parts of camp. Take-down is just as easy and there was no wrestling required to get it back in the bag.  It takes so much work out of camping, giving us more time to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Removable Room Divider: When the kids bring friends along it’s nice to be able to create a room just for them. The removable room divider makes this easy.  When it’s just the family we get rid of it and enjoy one spacious room, but when we want a little privacy it’s easy to create two spaces.  Even with the divider up there’s plenty of room for all our gear.
  • Great Rain Protection: Stormy weather can take the fun out of camping really quickly, but we haven’t had that problem with the Coleman Instant tent.  We had a moderate rainstorm the last time we took it out.  Once we zipped the windows up we all stayed dry, yet the ventilation was enough that it didn’t become unbearably stuffy.  Great balance of dryness and airflow.
  • Stands Up to Wind: This tent can stand up to wind as well as rain.  The guy-out triangles made for a very sturdy connection with the ground.  The frame held fast as well, even with some strong wind gusts.


  • Slightly Heavy: This tent is not a small one, which means that it has a little heft once it’s all packed up.  I wouldn’t recommended it if you need to hike out to a spot, but if you’re driving to a campground (which I would imagine most people with families would do) you won’t have a problem.
  • A Little Condensation: When the tent was full of sleepers a little bit of condensation built up along the sides overnight.  This is not unusual, however, and was easy to fix.  Once we rolled down the windows in the morning the top-notch ventilation system dried it out in less than a half hour.

The Coleman Instant Eight Person Two Room has given my family and me a stress-free way to camp.  It has ample room for all of us and our belongings and takes next to no time to set up.  Rain doesn’t phase it at all and no matter how hard the wind blows it stays sturdy.  This is a great tent for any family looking to spend some time camping without roughing it too much.

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