Coleman 8 Person Tent Can be assembled in a minute!

When was the last time you set up an 8 person tent or maybe s smaller one – 6 person tent? What was your experience? Was it fast and simple or complex and aggravating? If it was more the former than the latter you will love Coleman’s new design system. Coleman calls this their Instant 8 Person Tent for good reason.

Traditional tents are a hassle and they can be confusing to set up. Even so called “easy set up” tents can be difficult. Usually consisting of shock cords run through snap together poles, they may be better than your grandpa’s tent but there is always room for improvement.

So this 8 person tent is an improvement on the old setup? How? Well, the secret is that the poles are already directly connected to the tent. All you do is click the poles together and lock them into place. This may not sound like much, but consider this, Coleman says you can take the Instant 8 Person Tent out and have it fully assembled in less than a minute. That goes the other way around too, so at the end of your stay taking it down is just as easy. It’s strong too. The guy-out triangles that anchor the tent, the revamped pole design, and wind stable frame combine to make for one solid structure.

So Why Coleman Tents?

Coleman is one of those iconic brands that you know you can trust simply because, well, your fore fathers did but if that is just not enough there are some good technical reasons to back up that confidence. When designing the Instant 8 Person Tent Coleman put it through the ringer.

Dubbed WeatherTec Coleman’s weatherproofing is as solid as a rock and to prove it they built a sort of simulator/wind machine that puts their premier tents through hurricane force winds and deluge rainstorms, all in the name of science. WeatherTec utilizes extremely tough 150D coated polyester fabric that is twice as thick as Coleman’s standard fabric along with anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers.

Combine that with inverted and welded floor seams and even going so far as to hide the needle holes on the inside of the tent and you start to see that these guys know what they are doing. All of this means that inside the Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent you and your family and friends will stay dry and comfortable. Guaranteed.

An 8 person tent requires lots of interior space and this tent delivers. At six foot five inches tall and with vertical walls, most people will be able to stand inside comfortably. You have the option of using the dividing wall for two room privacy or go without for one very large room. There are two doors and a grand total of seven windows so you will never feel boxed in, great if you need to keep an eye on the kids. The tent floor measures 14 feet, by 10 feet perfectly sized for an 8 person tent. Coleman tent includes a limited one year warranty


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