Cleaning up your tent

The last time you tried and failed cleaning up your tent right? It got smaller and it smells really stinky and it is has become non-waterproof. If you are a serious camper then your tent is going to get really dirty. Tents are more likely to pick up muds and dirt. During the rainy season or at the time of snowfall, tents get really dirty and it is really hard when the tent is too dirty. But don’t worry, this article is all about cleaning up tents in a clean way. You can clean up your and make it look like newer than ever. Just a few steps and you are done! Let’s see how it goes.

At the beginning, you look for small objects which are outside or inside your tent. You can use best tactical folding knife to clean small objects like needles, leaves, small cones, equipment etc from the tent. Then you can go for the washing. You cannot wash a tent which has objects inside it right? Make sure you have emptied out your tent before washing. Dirt are needed to be taken out too.

After cleaning off the dirt and the small objects, you can clean or wash it off with a piece of cloth or a soft brush and hose pipe. Don’t rub too hard as you may harm your tent big time. It may lose its coating. Rub softly and make sure that all the dirt are gone away.

If your tent is small then you can put it on the tub to wash it off. Don’t put your tent in the washing machine, especially if it is made of nylon. If the tent is big then it will take you time to wash it off and it will be a bit harder to wash a bigger tent than the smaller tents. When you are splashing water on your tent just make sure that every corner of it is getting wet.

Warning! Don’t use any washing detergent. Use Nikwax tech. that’s a popular non-detergent to wash off the tents. You can also go to any camping store and ask for non-detergents. Rub the soap or non-detergent softly but thoroughly. Just rub soap everywhere. Make sure it has soap everywhere, otherwise there will be dirt and your tent will be not clean enough.

After that, you have to get rid of the soap you have used on your tent. You have to rinse it off with water. Don’t just splash water on it. Rinse it thoroughly with water. Sometimes the soap is hard to be taken off. So, be careful about it. Make sure that soaps are gone. If the soaps are not gone then your tent will be dirty as it was before. It will stink too.

Finally, after washing the soap off you can leave it on your backyard or basement to dry. Make sure the sunlight and the heat of the sunlight is high. Otherwise your tent will take too much time to dry off and it will also stink if it is not perfectly dried off. So, always try to wash your tent when the heat of the sun is high. It will perfectly dry out the tent. Make sure you dry it thoroughly before you take it inside your house and store it on your drawer. It will stink badly if it is not dried out thoroughly. It may take a while to dry off. Have patience!

You also can use water repellent to perfectly clean your tent. You can to apply it on the fabric coated floor, the rain fly and the lower side walls. Warning! Apply the water repellent on your tent while it’s wet.

So, these are the steps that you can follow to completely wash out your tent and make it look like new again. These steps are easy and less time consuming. If have a big tent then it will cost you some time to wash out but if you have a small tent then you can just put it on your tub and wash thoroughly and leave no corner left while washing it out. But most importantly, dry out your tent perfectly so that it does not stink after you store it. Happy camping!


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