Camping With Your Pet

There’s nothing more fun than a weekend camping gear trip with your favorite four legged companion. Whether you’re hiking, canoeing with your dog, or just relaxing around the campfire, there are a few tips you should consider when you’re camping with your pets.

Most importantly, find a pet friendly camping facility before planning your vacation. All KOA campgrounds allow friendly pets within their facilities and many state parks are pet friendly. Check any special regulations regarding pets before your trip and prepare accordingly. Be sure to obey any leash rules, obey noise clauses, and adhere to any other pet camping policies during your stay.

You will want to plan your activities while camping with your pet ahead of time as well. If you will be hiking, make sure your dog is allowed on the trails you are considering. Most pet friendly campgrounds and parks prohibit dogs in swimming areas and pet policies typically do not allow animals to be left at the site. You will also want to check regulations regarding pets on rental canoes, beaches, lakes, and other recreation areas.

Your dog should be in good physical condition before a camping trip. Be sure his shots are up to date and keep a copy of his records with you at camp. If you are planning a lot of hiking or will be backpacking with your dog, you may need to do some extra training in obedience, as well as physical endurance, before your trip. Visit your veterinarian to avoid any unforeseen illnesses during your trip.

Your camping checklist for camping with your pet should be much like your own. Consider his comfort, as well as his needs, when you pack for your trip. Remember plenty of food, an increased supply of water, and any medications or other special care supplies your pet may require. Most pet friendly campgrounds and state parks require that dogs are kept on a leash of no more than 6 feet when you’re away from your campsite, so bring an appropriate leash and a collar that doesn’t irritate your dog’s skin if it is wet.

The growing popularity in traveling with pets has created a large number, and quite a variety, of pet camping products to make camping comfortable and fun for both you and your animal camping companion. From camp loungers to water toys for dogs, there is a unique selection of Coleman pet camping supplies currently available. Protect your four legged friend from the elements with a pet camping tent or keep him comfortable with an easy to clean doggie air bed. There are even sleeping bags, like the Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag for dogs that will give your dog a comfortable night’s sleep after a tiring day of activity.

Wherever you’re camping with your pet and whatever activities you plan, from pet friendly camping in North Carolina to canoe camping with your dog along the Intercoastal Waterway of the Atlantic, consider your pet’s comfort and safety above all else and remember the best pet camping products to make your trip enjoyable.


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