Best Ways to Keep Warm When Camping

Keeping warm is essential to a safe and comfortable camping adventure and so having a good understanding of how to maintain a healthy core body temperature is important. Sadly, it appears that many individuals think they are invincible and go out into the extreme temperatures when lacking the adequate knowledge and lacking the appropriate equipment, resulting in tragedy far too often.

Media reports of an individual losing their life due to hypothermia are far too common; just look at the case of a 57 year old lady who attempted to cross the Canadian border this year. Unfortunately, these types of accounts are far too common. This exemplifies just why being well prepped and ready for a camping trip should never be overlooked, since the hazards associated with extremes in temperature are very real.

Fortunately, there a lot of things to do to stay warm in freezing temperatures and the scientific principle underlying all such methods are that of convection and conduction. In simple terms, convection is the transfer of heat energy from a fluid e.g. a cold wind, to a denser mass, such as the human body. On the other hand, conduction is the transfer of heat energy between two materials next to one another e.g. the transfer of cold you would feel if you was to sit on a freezing floor.

When you know exactly how these mechanisms work, as well as the mechanisms of your body’s thermoregulatory system, you will be able to maintain a healthy body temperature and minimise your risk in a freezing and dangerous environment.

Be Cautious of Shivering

When your body shivers it is a sure sign that your body is suffering the effects of the cold and needs to get warm quickly. This is because your body begins to shiver as a result of your body temperature dropping and is the method your body utilises to increase your core body temperature. Shivering is caused when your body’s muscles rapidly contract and relax, which generates heat. Even though this is a helpful mechanism your body uses to heat itself back up, it’s also a sign that you need to warm up fast.

Take people with hypothermia for example, shivering occurs in those with moderate hypothermia. While, when your body stops generating heat via shivering, it may stop, which commonly happens in those with hypothermia. Therefore, you need to monitor your bodies shivering as it can help you keep track of your health.

Wear the Correct Attire

The mechanism of conduction happens when you sit on a cold floor, which makes you lose heat from your body. The cold wind will also strip heat from your body via convection too. However, you can reduce the impacts of the cold by insulating your body effectively and therefore guarding it from these natural mechanisms.

The solution isn’t as simple as purchasing a big, warm looking winter jacket – you ought to think about a base layer and a thick outer-layer. An adequate base layer could be consist of a long underwear set and thick socks that will both decrease heat being lost. Whereas an adequate outer-layer includes a big, wind and water proof coat that will protect you from the effects of convection.

Portable Stove to Stat Warm

If you are ever stick in an unfortunate situation where hypothermia is a genuine risk, then a portable wood stove is a great asset to have in your belongings. The great thing about the best portable stoves is that they can easily fit into your car boot or bag and there are various different models that can utilise many different fuel types including oil, wood or gas. These stoves generate a good amount of heat, in particular infrared heat that is natural and comfortable in extreme climates.

Camping stoves like this generate real flames that release a kind of warmth referred to as infrared heat. This heat travels in the form of rays through the air from the primary source and when they reach the surface cause it to gain heat. The heat energy heating the material causes it to vibrate and gain energy, thus heat up. In a freezing environment where shelter in nowhere around or limited, a stove like this can be a genuinely life saving tool. Check out this site for the of the best portable pellet stove reviews.

Drink a lot of Fluids

Since a warm drink is often a higher temperature than your body, a warm beverage will essentially add heat to your body and increase your core body temperature, which is extremely helpful when your body is feeling the cold. However, this should be an alcohol free drink, since alcohol can actually cause your body temperature to drop.

Waterproof Clothing is Essential

Waterproof attire can really make all the difference; this includes footwear, jacket and pants. Why? Because if your clothing is fabric and gets damp in the environment, the water can become trapped in the clothing, which has a cooling effect. In addition, the water will evaporate, which will remove precious heat with it, increasing the effect of cooling your core body temperature.



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