How to find best family tents for your family?

Are you looking for the family tent to take your family camping in?Well, this is the right place. We love camping, so we created this website to display consumer feedback and opinions of some popular tents to provide you with the latest information – so that you can select the best family tent for your needs.

There are many brands and styles of tents in the market, and it can be hard to choose the right one. There are many different considerations, and you want to be sure to pick the right tent to make your holiday a good one.

We all need to relax and enjoy some time off. Whether for a day hike, a quick weekend trip outdoors or a week-long vacation and hiking is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, for you to relax and get away. Not to mention camping and hiking trips are cheap when compared to traveling and staying in hotels.

It does not matter what type of backpacking, extreme hiking/mountaineering or leisurely camping you are doing you need the right outdoor sports equipment like tent. The last thing you want is to go for outdoor trips and not have the gear and supplies you need to be safe, comfortable and have the wonderful camping or hiking experience possible. Before you make a list of all the hiking equipment, backing/mountaineering supplies or outdoor camping gear you need for your trip and check the supplies as you pack them. It is the easiest way to make sure that you do not find yourselves outdoors away from any sporting goods stores without a critical piece of camping or backpacking gear.

When purchasing a professional tent for camping and hiking, it is important to take into consideration what type of hiking, backpacking/mountaineering or camping you are going to be doing. Especially if you are going to be cold weather hiking or winter camping. You also want to consider that your camping and hiking gear is going to be used outdoors and needs to work once you get out there. Camping and hiking equipment when being used are constantly subjected to the elements, getting dropped, bumped, and packed and everything else.

Buying cheap discount outdoor goods, gear and hiking equipment made from low-quality discount materials will save you a few bucks upfront, but end up failing at the worst possible time, and cost you more money, in the long run, having to replace. Spending a little bit more upfront on camping gear and hiking equipment will ensure that your outdoor sporting goods and backpacking/mountaineering supplies will perform when you need them most and will last, unlike their cheap discount counterparts.


This will not only ensure that your outdoor gear performs, but will also save money in the long run over cheap discount hiking and camp supplies not having to be replaced.   If you are looking for a quality tent for your camping, bearing in mind that there are many different tents out there, the task of choosing the superior camping tents for you can be a challenging one. There are many things that you need to put under consideration. Here is a look at some of these things that can guide you in the right direction and help you in selecting the right one.

Family Tents are large-sized tents that are made to accommodate a relatively large number of people, usually 2 adults and a child or up to 8 adults and or lesser adults with children. They are a necessity for outdoor camping, hiking, and road trips. There are many things to be considered when shopping for the top quality tents for you or bunk mates. These includes pricing and budget, function, capacity, quality of materials, width and height of tent, portability, room size with consideration of privacy and finally ease of use. In this family tent review, I will try heart and soul to provide as much information so you can take the right decision for buying tents for camping.

Recommended Tent Manufacturers

So now the million dollar question is who makes the best tents? Certain brands of tents are well known for their quality and offer larger sizes to accommodate a larger amount of people. Black Pines is a company that makes 14 high-quality large size tents that pop out easily with fun designs. Turbo Tents and Sierra hiking tent manufacturers make superior tents with a lot of lifestyle accessories options available. Sierra Designs carries a 4 season tent that sleeps 8 people called Mothership 8.

The Australian brand OZTENT is an award-winning tent that has gained reputation and fame for being easy to setup and has a waterproof blend of thelightweight ripstop poly cotton canvas. Wenzel as well as Gigatents makes tents of good quality and are priced affordably at around 80-150 dollars. REI Hobitat has a cabin style tent for 4 with a high ceiling.

Coleman Weather master has a tent with a fully automated lighting system with remote control and a high-low switch called Elite 6. Another brand is Big Agnes, a brand that caters to alarger number of campers while providing comfort at ahigher price from 500-800 dollar range. Finally, there is Eureka, trusted brand name renown within the camping circle for the quality of their tents. They feature double walled tents with superior weather protection and shock-corded poles.

Choose the best camping tents 2016

The tent is the most important camping equipment, which you need to consider when planning a camping trip. Having the superior tent will ensure not only your family’s comfort but also their safety.

Tents come in all different shapes, types and sizes with lots of various features. Finding a top rated tent is a big hassle, and you might spend more or less intelligently.

Sometime ago, I decided to buy a tent for our summer camping holiday. Being a kind of person, who once has decided to buy something, I like to search all the quality ones in the market. I spent so many hours on the internet, looking in camping stores, talking to people, looking through catalogs, reading books in search of useful information about what is excellent family tent. I have included the most important information, and I hope to be helpful if you are looking for a good tent and other camping gear.

Let`s look at the top 5 tents  according to`s average user ratings.

In the following tent review, I want to emphasize one some important attributes about tents. Choosing the right tent takes a lot factor that differs from person to person according to the size of tent you need, budget, brand preferences, special features and other needs.

All tents have their strengths and weaknesses – so let’s have a look at the first-rated camping tents on the market at this time.

Colman 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

This is a tent that suits well and accommodates up to 8 people. To start with, it is a tent made to accommodate daytime weather, no need to worry about rain. Have you ever being in a tent and experience the day sunshine how it affects? Then Coleman 8-person instant tent has good news for you; they have made their tent perfectly well to ensure the sun does not become a dis tractor at camping or hiking times.

The shaded face at the door facilitates easy storing of the goods at the tent, and you are sure that goods that do not require sunshine are protected by the shade.It is also easy to place armchair that point to accommodate shade. It is health approved you should avoid all day long sun.

The large made site of the tent is good for the camping. It facilitates access to the tent for every family member without squeezing yourselves. If it is made to hold each member of you then why should you not use it? For the same size, you always find large tent will help you do your activities outside the home without worrying where you will have to spend your night. We can’t say that the tent is much secure from attacks from animals or even getting blown away by the wind but at such cases, your place of installations will matter a lot. You need to store your tent at a free wind area, an area that by nature study you can say the wind cannot affect the tent.Furthermore, the wind we are referring to is the heavy wind; the light wind is prevented from damage.

Installation of the tent is made simple, they have offered free access to installation method, from the given clear picture and information written in a booklet, you can tell easily on how you will install your tent. To some extent, it might be a bit hard for a single person to erect it but from its large nature, it is understandable that it is made to hold a large number of people.

In conclusion, to determine a tent that will serve you to your satisfaction you need first to determine its features, you need to know if even in the future the tent will still accommodate you to your interest. For Coleman 8-person instant tent you are sure that for the time you have a need to hike  or any activity involving a larger crowd it will do the staying perfect for you.

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Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

The promise of clean, fresh air, the uninhibited singing, and chirping of birds and insects, free time to bond with friends and family and the undeniable peace of being at one with nature; these and other factors make camping one of the most serene ways to spend your free time. It is not only a great time for bonding, but it is also a good opportunity to teach children important life skill lessons like creating fire and collecting firewood, fishing and even hunting for those who enjoy the sport! The choice of a tent is, however, very determinant on the kind of camping experience you have. The Coleman 8-person red canyon tent is a perfect choice.

When you think of tents, you should take into consideration those that have a good standing room and the shape and material which suits your needs. And also that a big flat space for pitching it on The Coleman 8-person red canyon tent is cheap, with the measurement of 17-foot by 10-foot and can comfortably accommodate 8 people. The center height is 72 inches which isa comfortable room for most people to stand in. It is a dome-shaped tent which is better at handling the wind and has a room divider that allows creating up to a total of three rooms. This increases room for privacy especially when it’s a camping trip with both adult and children. Those with pets can create extra room for their storage.

It is very easy to set up the Coleman 8-person red canyon tent. It has color-coded and shock-corded poles which make it very easy to pitch, even single-handedly. There are interior pockets in the tent that add to storage space and a gear net attached to the ceiling which serves as more storage space for keys, wallets, phones among other things. There are also adjustable ventilation systems and cool air gear for constant fresh air and to control temperature. It weighs 21.5 pounds and is fairly light to carry.

Some of the downsides of the Coleman 8-person red canyon tent include its fiberglass poles which are less reliable and more likely to break in cold and wet weather than the aluminum tent poles. The tent is made with strong and waterproof material to insulate it from leakage, but it is only advisable to be used during the summer. It is important to note that the tents are not completely waterproof. The rainfly does not cover all seams which increase the chances of a leakage in case of heavy rains. It also lacks multiple entrances and exits which make movement into a tent easier. It only has one door for both entry and exit.

The saying is true that you only get what you pay for. You must give a little to get a little more in return unless you are willing to pay for it all. This tent has its disadvantages, but if you check the weather forecast ahead of time, there is a great chance that you can enjoy your camping trip to the maximum.

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Wenzel Klondike Tent

 Wenzel Klondike Tent

Over the years, camping has been one of the most adventurous recreational activities. The reason is that it provides individuals with an opportunity to spend their time in more natural areas thus more fun. One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is usually through sheltering in a tent. Several companies provide tents for various purposes, with camping being one of those aspects. Among the tents provided is the Wenzel Klondike tent. This type of tent has been in place for several years, and it has been in available in many different colors such as taupe, red and light gray.


Wenzel being a company that is well-established, it manufactures tents of high quality and value due to its specific features. Wenzel Klondike tent has removable fly covers and a screen roomto enhance sleep or provide a relaxation mood. Additionally, the tent protects individuals against harsh weather. The tent also has a full mesh roof that consists of mesh room screen room characterized by zip-up walls and two windows. The roof helps keep bugs away while the windows are essential in allowing breeze into the tent. Other features include patent-pending power corners and a tarpaulin floor.


Wenzel Klondike tent aims involve offering comfort, are of a suitable size, be easy to set up and also to provide the best uses. To ensure those objectives are met the tent has particular specifications. The tent’s material consists of rugged weatherproof armor polyester characterized by a polyurethane coating that prevents water entry and keeps the room warm. The tent also has double stitched seams throughout the walls that are waterproof. Wenzel Klondike tent comes in 16 feet width by 6.5 feet height by 11 feet depth dimensions. It also weighs 27.3 pounds making it easy to carry, set up and also to dismantle. Other specifications include an inverted T-style door; welded polyethylene floor; fiberglass frame and polyester mesh windows.


As a tent, Wenzel Klondike tent is very spacious, well ventilated to provide warm weather and to offer privacy, offers stability during windy weather and the tent comes with a ten-year warranty.


Despite the advantages of this tent, it has several disadvantages such as having sagging sides when not properly set up, lacks seam sealing for wet weather and the screen room tends to be low for the taller people.

Wenzel Klondike tent offers more benefits than other tents due to the convenient features, specifications and advantages it offers to the users. It is also consumer friendly as it is of high quality and value. For camping purposes and other outdoor recreational activities consider purchasing or hiring Wenzel Klondike tent.

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Eureka Sunrise 5 Tent

Eureka Sunrise 5 Tent

The Eureka Sunrise 5 Tent is strong and stables all weather tents that are great for camping on any landscape. It is heavy duty, height friendly and durable. It can comfortably hold up to five people including their language. Its make and design ensure that users are protected from extreme sun rays as well as heavy rain.


One door and four windows: The door is large enough for anyone to pass through and the windows are made with strong zippers which not only make them tear free, they also provide great ventilation.

Hooded windows: This function provides room for extra ventilation regardless of the weather; the hoodies keep extreme sun rays at bay and rainwater from getting in whether or not the windows are open.

Heavy duty Polyester: The material is made of strong polyester which gives the tent its waterproof function; this ensures you sleep through the night with utmost comfort.

Multiple Compartments: It is equipped with some organizers including hanging gear and luggage compartments and two bottle packs.

Strong poles: These hold the tent firmly in position and ensure it stays sturdy inspite of strong winds.

Spacious: This tent provides enough room to hold five people together with their belongings.


Spacious tent that is wide enough to accommodate five people and high enough for a 6ft person to stand inside

Strong and durable due to its heavy material

The tent is waterproof and protects the persons inside even in heavy storms. It is fast and easy to set up and disassemble which saves a lot of time. For its size and durability, this tent is one of the most affordable tents of its standard.


The thick polyester material makes this tent a bit heavy to carry, although the very same function gives it its durability.

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Columbia Belladome 6 person Tent

Columbia-Belladome 6-person

Columbia Belladome 6 person Tent looks very nice indeed and has enough space. It is 8.10, so has two cotsboot placed. A thick more squeezing and two chairs counting a table boot fit. The only thing, we found tough with the tent were the couple poles that forsake at the top. Other than that, it was ethereal to art an adjunct of up. It can fit 2 cots and a 30.30 table. Columbia Belladome 6 person tent has enough space at the top of head space by the whole of the equipment and the innertent. Durability is also run at this time.There were a certain amount of item bend in the center, yet there was no pronounced wear.

The cavity boot is mystical to bring to light or accomplish when the screen handwriting on the wall of the door is in use. This could control to exasperate and debacle on the zipper. This is a sweeping chalet for two people. Two of handle use this encampment, and it was as a matter of fact comfortable. We had 4clans in the tent for a pre-date as we played games. Aside from this, it was not unsound for we had fed to oblige around. If you are like a one man band to rejuvenate this 6-person tent, do so. Take more or fewer minutes hurrah for a sober set-up. It is an easy especially mutually a breath person. Do an apartment uphold pad underneath the tent.

I bought this tent eke out an existence spring urgently from Columbia. At as a matter of choice we didn’t meet it worthy until we had a first-hand experience. It’s the full size for us of 4. Our mattress abandoned takes up everywhere half the center space. We could easily stand up in, and is light weight. We besides found that a 9.11 tarp fits in a satisfactory manner underneath to perform as the tent’s footprint, so we grabbed our extra devoted 9.11 yet purpose. Set up took approximately 10-15 minutes. As the poles are aluminum, they drag into their respective slots smoothly.

We didn’t meet any uncomfortably like we had with our previous tent. I suggest everybody to have a Columbia Belladome 6 person tent to enjoy your camping experience, and I would like to buy another one for a gift. You will get a wonderful experience with Columbia Belladome 6 person Tent. I can say the professional tent of all is Columbia Belladome 6 person tent. Enjoy at its extreme level with Columbia Belladome 6 person tent.

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How to Choose the Top Tent

When choosing the right tents, you should carefully consider the following order:

Frequency of Use

Firstly, ask yourself how often you are going to be using the tent. If you are using it on a regular basis or frequently enough, consider investing on a lasting and high-quality tent which is often reflected by the price and trusted brand names. Another thing to consider at this point is the function of thetent.

Weather and season:Another point to consider here is the climate and season that you will be using the tent. Tents are divided into two categories here: 3 season or 4 season tents. 3 Season tents suffice for the season spring to Autumn while the 4 season tent covers winter.

No. of people using the tent

Next, determine the number of people the tent is going to be sheltering. This should also include occasional or unexpected guests or bulk equipment you want to store and protect from the elements. As there are many types of tents available such as one for sleeping and resting, complete with screens and separator; a separate tent for bathing, decide beforehand if your crew requires a separate tent or a partitioned one.

Tent material

Material-wise, tents are made from canvas or poly canvas cotton blend which are generally waterproof, along with fiberglass windows. Tents you choose should also be optimized with cross mesh windows or wall coverings for adequate ventilation. Flooring should also be of a flexible yet waterproof material such as welded polyethylene or nylon.

Design and style

There are many designs when it comes to choosing your type of camping tent. Some manufacturers offer cabin-style tents, some others offer tents with dividers with their own separate entry points, since it is catering for a bigger party. There is a benefit for ease of use with additional entry/exit points. Others have a built-in porch for card games or al fresco dining. Width and height of the tent should be equivalent to the number of campers, but it is often a better choice to choose one with a higher ceiling for a spacious and non-claustrophobic feel.

Ease of use and set-up


The most crucial factor is the ease of use. A good quality tent should also be made of light-weight metals such as aluminum so that you wouldn’t be dragging tons of steel around. The last thing you want is to have your whole family waiting on you or struggling to help with the setup, panicking to get it up before the sun sets. Set-up should be easy and hassle-free. There are collapsible pop-up tents for families that are easy to assemble.

Sometimes, taking down a tent or even putting it up can be a very tedious exercise. It can affect your moods and attitude on camping immediately. Ensure that you select a good tent that can be put up even by one person. You can experiment this by timing how much time it takes to put up a few of the tents available. There are tents that can even just take two minutes to set up. At the same time, there are those that take up to 15 whole minutes. It is the structure of the tent pole that will help you to know how hard or easy it is to pitch. The free standing tents are a better option since they allow you to move it easily to a different location before staking. The other thing about it is that before taking it down, you can easily shake the dirt out

Sleeping capacity of the tent


The model that you choose must be based on the size of the family. You should also know whether you might need additional space for friends or even pets such as dogs. While evaluating the capacity ratings of the tent, assume a close fit. This is because the tents industries do not specify per person dimensions. In case you want more room, consider up-sizing the tent capacity by at least one person.


Of course, you want your family to spend the night in a comfortable tent when they are out camping. A good tent should do more than just provide shelter. You want to choose a tent that will leave you feeling comfortable when you stay in it. It should be able to protect you from bugs and provide a nice environment for maybe reading a book, hanging out with your friends and family or even taking a nap.

One of the indicators of a good tent that is provides comfort is the ceiling height. Check to see if the tent can allow multiple adults to stand or move around it without having to crouch. However, be keen to on ensuring that that stand has that ability to withstand strong winds despite the fact that it has a good/high ceiling height.

Ventilation of the tent

If the camping tent has poor ventilation, then it means that it can get very hot when it is sunny. As much as you would like to choose a tent that has large windows that will enable you to feel cool, also check to see if they can be covered up easily in the event of bad weather or a storm. In case you are going to camp in a place that is hot and has a lot of bugs, then look for a tent that has an option of also being meshed.

Storm Resistance

When planning for camping trips, we always imagine that the weather will be just a little bit sunny in the afternoon, but not too hot, and be cool at night. However sometimes Mother Nature takes charge, and the weather may go from good to bad. This is especially so when the storm comes. Imagine buying a cheap tent that seemed so awesome when you were getting the clearance only for it to end up being carried by the storm leaving you at the mercy of tent poles. That is why it is important that you choose a tent that can withstand/weather a storm, for the sake of your family and your dignity of course. The differences in the tents are in their ability to withstand heavy rainfall and strong winds.


If you have plans of using the tent over a period, then you must also consider its durability and workmanship. Who wants to see their tent poles break? It is things like this that can destroy your long planned camping trip. Thus, avoid poorly made tents. The quality of materials and workmanship varies from tent to tent.

Packing Size

The weight should not worry you but the size of the tent should. You need to select something that will not have problems fitting in your big pick-up truck or your Mini Coop. However, the packing size is not a big deal. What comes first is the comfort of the tent. What is the need of carrying a smaller yet uncomfortable tent?

Tent Doors


When choosing a tent, put in mind the number of doors that you need, as well as the shape and orientation of the door(s). Since you are camping with your close people, a tent that has multiple doors is much better and will help hinder them from climbing over each other every time a person goes a midnight bathroom break. Examples of such tents are the cabin-style tents. Take note of how noisy or easy the doors are to zip open or shut. Check on the quality of the zippers. Go for those that resist breaking and snagging.


Before you go camping, it is important that you check the forecast for the day before you go camping. It will enable you to anticipate the weather conditions. There are different types of tents depending on their seasonality, and you have to choose the one which suits the weather conditions of the place that you are going camping. All in all, just ensure that the one you choose can protect you and your family regardless of the weather conditions.


As seen from the above, a lot of things have to be put into consideration when choosing the quality tent. Getting the right tent is the first step of having a successful and awesome camping experience.

Family Camping Tent

Your Turn

Now that you have seen the options and reviewed our picks for the top rated tent on the market, it’s up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and overall help you gear up for your outdoor adventures.

As you know, new tents are being produced all the time by new and old manufacturers.  For that reason, the comparison chart above will be updated as new tents need to be added to the list.  I hope you liked our list of family tents and if you feel we missed a quality family tent that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!

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